Rick Dunlap

Rick has been in the garbage business basically all his life. His dad owned Rural Garbage in Lancaster, SC and Rick worked with his dad on and off during high school and after graduation. While working with his dad at Rural Garbage, he was charged with overseeing the job contracted through Fort Jackson for residential homes on the base. He started his own business in Camden, SC on January 1st, 1985 by knocking on doors and asking for business. His first homes were in the Valley Park area of East Camden. He still provides service to some of the first customers from that area. Rick takes a lot of pride in his business and works hard to service his customers the way he would have someone treat and serve him.

Denise Dunlap

Denise has worked with the public most of her adult life. After high school, Denise worked with the Kershaw County Mental Health Association. Denise also worked with a cosmetic company and was awarded several awards for her success and her commitment to customer service. She worked 10 years with the local radio station in Camden, WPUB, WCAM, KOOL 102.7. Denise values customer service and has learned that customer satisfaction is what it takes to have a customer for life.

Company Mission Statement


 Superior Sanitation Service, Inc. works hard to always be on time and dependable. In the 30+ years we have only missed one day of picking up garbage due to two trucks breaking down in one day. The day after Hugo hit, the people of Camden still remember Rick coming down their road to pick up their garbage. He learned a valuable lesson from a company in Tennessee that says, 'To be successful in the garbage business, you must do the following things: Always be on time, always be neat and clean (just because you are a garbage business does not mean that you have to look trashy, and your truck should not look trashy),' and at Superior Sanitation, our trucks are washed every afternoon when they come back from the route. If you are having a bad day does not mean you should make others take part in it. Rick abides by these things and has enjoyed success from the wisdom of others that have been in the garbage business before him.